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These Insta Nail Strips are the way to always have beautiful and flirty nails in the comfort of your home. There's no need to spend time and money going to the salon.

Our nail stickers are easy application and removal. There's no more need to wait for your nails to dry when you use our waterproof nail stickers. You can expect your manicure to last up to 14 days. Included with the package are 16 strips and a mini nail file. For the best results, please store your nail strips in a dark cool place. Your nightstand or desk drawer would do 😉.

How to use: 

  1. Before application, make sure your nails are buffed and clear of any oils.
  2. Select the best strip size to fit your nails.
  3. Apply the nail strips gently as close to your cuticle without touching it, then slowly press on the nail from the inside out without creating any air bubbles.
  4. Trim the excess with the nail file by applying light pressure in a downward motion.
  5. For best results, apply a quick dry top coat or if you're feeling fancy a gel topcoat. Cute the gel coat by following the instructions on your specific bottle.
  6. Removing the nail strips will depend on the way you sealed it. If you used regular top coat just remove with nail polish remover. If you used a gel topcoat, follow the removal process instructed by the manufacturer.

Happy nails = happy gals or gents! 💅